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weep. >> mourn with those who and celebrate with those that celebrate. >> we see a lot of people that have overcome. >> is there aness between mental. and maybe you can be athey are ther the the scripture taugs about it some of the people who choose to let that spirit over take them. >> i know you are doing that and they need our prayers. >> see you tomorrow night. >> nicky halle made a decision. but the now of newtown will never be the same and an entire nation grieves for families in a small town.
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we'll take you inside of the investigation . >> we are holding both crime scenes. let anda a secondary crime screen. >> they are working athe knock to clex the weapons used that they want to know where those weapons. every one is examing for the. nthey includes another and thigh are interviewing are fortunately have to include the children from the school that survived the shooting. there are many, many witnesses that need to be interviewed.
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authorities are saying they had no contact with adam lanza and he was not a known criminal in newtown, connecticut. >> there was no connection school or school here. nand investigators said that adam lanza drove to the school and had four guns in the coor carry three of them in the school. we'll do everything tatakes to uncover the evidence and conduct interviews and paint a clear picture as to how and why this tragedy occurred. >> a live update and the investigation from connecticut state police. fox news correspondant molly lime in newtown, connecticut. >> greta there is it new information not as much as in the beginning and the days following, but they revealed
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in that home, in the home where nancy lanza's body was found there were computers and they were smashed up and looking in phone record credit card records. they had success in gathering the information on how and why this occurred. interesting information in the atf. the mother and the son, nancy lanza. they were her guns involved in the crime and they had been no to guns in the past. but adam lanza had not beg your pardon to a shooting rain in the recent sixes. commupt college. apparently adam lanza was spart should and attending community college and looked in to the possibility of going to school. she wanted to go with him to make sure he ghot the
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education. >> here in the community. they are trying to get the children back to classes, particularly the ones on the day of the class cure. nwe are standing on the edge of the street in sandy hook elementary and looks like will take them and put them in a nearby school in monroe. >> it is closed in the last year and ready to be filled again. we watched the movie vans taking the supplies and decks and set up a community school in mon monroe. >> is there any information on where the killer was on thursday through monday of last year. >> i hear he might have gone to the range. why was he at it coming up to the killing spree. nthere is information on adam
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lans a. and there is information about nancy lads lads. but.s have said very little. there are so many inunanswered questions. >> and of course. there are no word toz describe it moments after the newtown school slotting, parents go to the local fire house. and jessica rekos parpts are confronted with the worst news possible. their daughter is not coming. >> i am coming for you, honey. why had notice idea. there were reports of one or two injured. after 1:15 they sat us down and it said it was a tragic
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day in newtown and 20 children were killed and they told me my little girl was gone. nconnecticut state police joins us by phone. we sat and watch the pain . parents. and i am curious how you are doing. you have been there since the beginning and i know the site has been terrible for all of the first conteners. >> it is the worst crime scene many of us have ever scene. and our hearts are broken for the familis and friends and relatives of the poor children and professionals in that building that lost her their lives. >> when you see the hearses it is horreble. >> let me turn to the killer.
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do you have any information on where he was. the killing on friday. but on thursday, wednesday ask monday. have people come forward saying we saw him in such and such a place. >> what is importance. we have immense amount of investigators. and ther looking at every facet of the casement and one of them to determine where he was on the day he was born until the they he died. >> uncorve the information and put that injured. and everyone has a crystal election ticket and >> i have no doubt you will turn over every storm. and i know i hear you that you are going it.
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and are people coming toward and telling you things and are you getting information. people have been paptive in helping to move the days photocopy. it is it a large investigation . and we and see want in the >> and they said at a there is no connection. and >> the information is there there is in papt with the decol've in terms what have he was wearing. do you upon where he purchased his clothes. i understand that he was wearing some clothes that
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might be a little bit. respiratory they'll examine the cloging and find out where it was purchased and everything about the clothing and the young man will in fact be investigated they will answer every single question regarding himment >> there were witnesses that survived in the school. did they describe him? did they describe what he was saying and whether he said anything at all to him? >> the conversation has not been released yet. there were two individuals that will survive that were wounded sersely. they had gun shot wunds from the suspect and they will be crucial in that investigation and helping us to move forward and giving us definitive information and establishing a definitive time line as to how
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and why this occurred . >> that is helpful in times of planning and whether it was a spontanousest after hoe blasted his mother in the head or not. >> it was a tip in terms of his state of mind. he is a killer and school. and evil. but did he say anything at all that people have reported to you? >> i am not privy to the interviews that take place with the dults and the school. and certain lie the survivors. and thank goodness we are up to rescue some people. it breaks our hearts that we didn't get everybody out of there. but syruply the adult staffers are instrumental in peaceing it back together. >> tharching you. the gunman's whole family
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insists that adam was a good kid. >> he was and he was quiet. and nice and good kid. he was a challenge to the family in the house. and every family has wop. and i have one and never in trouble with the law or anything. nit is it rich who is a friend of the child's mother and he has a choiled with autism. thank you for joining us. you're welcome. whether did up first meet adam's mother. down in the industry of newtown there is a traunt bar called my place and it is it a local gathering place. on sunday nights they do an open mic. and people play music and i play guitar and would come on
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that. she was well liked doup in the restaurant. >> did she ever open up to you about problems oir trouble she was having my deal withinancy was i have a son with autism and she had a son with disability he was on the autism speck rum but high functioning we would talk about had it commeserate about our sons. she was proud of both of her sons did she ever hint or say he was violent or anything peculliar in that area. >> no, she was proud of her son. he had just learned how to drive this summer .
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i thought that was a big accomplishment. my son is on the lower end of the autism speck rum and he will never drive a car. >> what did you think and what was your thought listening to that. >> i was in shock. nancy was a friend of mine. why would he go to an elementary school do thisment she had a hard time because he wouldn't let her hug or touch. >> he was sensitive to touch. my son goes the other way. and he likes deep back rubs
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and likes to be hugged. and nancy's son didn't want to be touch and it upset nancy because she couldn't hug her son. >> was he responsive to her? >> i know with the guns, she took him to the gun range as a way a single mom could try to bond with her son he enjoyed it and why she did it for thank thank, -- thanksgiving they went to washington d.c.. >> it is such a broadspectrum. and was he the kind of child functioning. hey, i am going to the store or i love you. or was he cold and defatched
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and unable to commune much. >> from my conversations with nancy. i love you and thratype of emotion was not what he would do. like you said. he was more detached . robber >> if is certainly tragic. andy was trying to rich, tharching you. >> and as a gunman burst in the school. one nurse hidurped her desk. >> as i crouched down. could see my dorway. he was in the office and then to my office. and when i heard the door close.
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and he possible i could see him knows now. >> right in front. >> twept feet away. nand facing his boots to my deck. nnancy lanza visit my place. one of thim show brought the boys along. >> we are more about. in the interview hoe gave me, he did it written and not on camera because he is getting tired. he wanted to make a couple ofs d. i see a lot of bads and she was not one of them. her son ryan adam's older
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brother was a bus boy he was a quiet guy and some what acward. >> he told me that asberger was, -- but the gun issue. it is going to the range and adam was fascinated with gun safety and had a lot of interest in detail to it >> i mark if the bar owners came together and they did and cried. o he was quiet and unusual but not violent. even the people who knew him besty were shocked. >> thank you. >> and straight ahead inside of the home of adam lanza. what was his upbringing like.
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>> theyy will guard both scenes crime scenes as indicated this morning and thal go on indefinitely. regarding the fun val services . they are being plan publicicized by the familis and the funeral homes. a couple of things we want to restate. they have a liason treeper to
7:22 pm
maintain contact and be with them. they are lending assistance to each funeral service so it goes unscathed. we seized significant evidence in the residence. and twee have a pain staking in us . >> we don't discuss evidence. it is its contact or debail what it is. >> tonight an inside look at the gunman's life. his motheras 22 dryered. his father's executesive and his mother a harworking mother who loves her ton. >> it is the hard it understand how anyone could be cruel. >> tell me about the divorce.
7:23 pm
>> we learned that peter and nancy lans laps were married and by all accounts, it was not acrimonous. i talked to both lawyers and they said that as divorces go. it sunded like thippings were going well. and there was not a custody dispute. it was shared with both parents though adam lived with his mom in newtown we learned about a financials, peter lanza had agreed to about $250,000 of the alimoney a year to nancy. and so that came to $10,000 a month so she was comfortable there was no dispute. >> it seems as if i do a moth
7:24 pm
here. adam was 15 and continued to live with his mother and never left home, is that right . there were provisions in the divorce order that peter lanza was to pay for college for adam and his brother ryan and also the father was supposed to pay for a car for adam. and adam was just starting to learn to drive a car. and his father was for the payment of that. and nancy and adam were comfortable in the home and they were able to geepkeep going >> and this is it probably the worst crime, that our nation has been picking on i am cure bouse. what he was do do it is the day before. where he had been.
7:25 pm
>> if you have come toward. >> there are reporters troying to find all of that out and really good reporters are trying to get that information. police are tight lipped and not leasing information. they even before. and i happening it is a question ra's people want answered. >> wheny there on friday. he was known as a strangid can. i am not excusing murders. is that the impression you are getting to. that this is a boy and nenasing young man who was unusuala at best. >> that's what they said. he was with draw and not offer
7:26 pm
social and had a back black pack and black suited case. he didn't engage. and he didn't and it is so hard to know how someone can be profoundly evil. thank you. ntharching you. --. >> nicky halle has made a decision. she goes on the record next health concerns fortsing - forcing secretary of state hillary clinton cancel her testifying. think about that. obama dolton next. citracal slow release. -- next. am [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. -- next.
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>> it nicky halle makes an announcement. congressman tim scott. tim scott went on the record . >> governor, nice to see both of you. >> hey, greta. how are you? >> i am well. this is an exciting day for south carl scarl and first freck freck senator from the south since 1881 and the first freck freck gop septemberor in the senate since 1979. i take it. even though it is fun to be first. it is not the reason you chose
7:31 pm
congressman scott. >> what we were looking for south carl exarl and the country was leader and congressman scott showed leadership on the way he moved up through the house leadership without compromising his courage. he fought against raising the debt soling. he's done all of that in a way to make south carolina provide. >> they have a point of this. and what he earned it for the person he is. and aaroned it for the results he's provep and continue to earn it for the leadership we shows. the only thing we want on you to take out of the minoritiuation. only in this country an indian
7:32 pm
woman become governor and freck freck to be fran congress. >> when did the governor call you and what did she say to you? >> it was late yesterday evening when first called me and we had a simple conversation and ipvited mow to sit down and have a conversation. and she said well, do you want to be a u.s. septemberor. my answer was yeah. >> and what will be different between the house and the september for you? what were you expecting? >> i hope to have similarity and focus on the economic climate of our could you wantry and necessity of dealing with the and deficit. this will be more opportunity to go. and now the republicans are moving in the.
7:33 pm
and thrawill shape up my experience drastically. >> governor, we watched and tind out who you would pick. there are rulers and stutch such. it was a tough designation. >> it is not always cut and dried. for me three or five ear 10 years old and where our state and country is going. up want a fight are and member that has conseshative principals and will not waiver in pressure. we have great candidates and i am confident about his mother and what he will f this employwhen you came in the house of representative, you
7:34 pm
rose up from povertiet to be a member of the united states congress. why are you so successful and what is it about you? >> i think it comes down to the strong faith and the lord above and a mother who believes that love has to come in the end of the switch. and she loved me. and a metropolitanor who came along in the right time and taught me basic business princeles of creating a profit and not just income it helped me to start my own career. and i would love to tell them hold on and best is yet to come. and best way to get there is by getting government out of the way. in america today we have a spending problem and not addressed that yet.
7:35 pm
i think that stands as 99 -- in the obstacles of all americans. we are dealing with a slow pace of our economy. ngovernor, i don't know what the rules are on the u.s.. if you can get jim demint and put your senior in -- senator in the head of the line. you get your guy in first and see ifor demint will leave sooner . >> he was with us long with senator graham and i think senator dimint said january 2 happenedis the rezination date. and we will move forward and the heritage foundation got lifted up in a big way. >> it is always exciting to see what is going on in politic and things are excite nothing washington. congressman you must be
7:36 pm
interested in the fiscal cliff debate going on we keep hearing about revenues and we need the conversation about spending. the challenge is no matter what we do to increase taxes will it will not touch impact the debt. we have to have a serious conversation about spening reform and balanced budget amendment and if we start with that part we will make more from our sper pect - perspective. the truth america ace bright future. nnow, you will have a whole. and house of representatives will be killed by special
7:37 pm
education. senator dement resigns. and the primary will be held. and the run off will be held two weeks from that and 'weeks will be the election . >> governor, it is it always nice to see you. >> tharchings. >> coming up. what does lindsay graham think about the newest senate colleagues and why did he mention us on the record? you will are had from him in a moment. >> and there is news about secretary of state hillary clinton and her health. she had to cancel the health. but john bolton thinks there is more to the story, next where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery.
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by december 22nd it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management >> it was a political loave fest and governor nucky halle named congressman scott has the next governor.
7:40 pm
senator grahamine giving us on the record a shout out and praising the conservative record of congressman tray grouty. >> tray, you are on greta almost as i am. that is impress itch. he comes from the conservative part of the state and throse a punch and does it in a way that both sides of the all respect him. he talked about fast and furious and benghazi and the way you conduct yourself in fropt of the nation. >> what do you think of our shout out. go to greta opinion com. back in two minutes. (announcer) when subaru owners look in the mirror,
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deloser to a debt deal. and meanwhile, business economist believe that the count roy will see modest growth with strength from the rebound in housing. it is looking for the economy to grow 2.1 percent next year. and amazon announcing a licensing agreement. the market place will add, tnt and giving members instant acess to those. hobitted hauled in 80.4. and domestically wins. nox nows net works giving you the power to talk. npresident obama clinton will be. and tonight secretary clinton
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is recovering from a fainting spell and a conclusion. good evening. any problem with the secretary not testifying? >> well, i think she will have to testify at some point. you know every foreign service officer in every foreign ministry knows the phrase i am about to use. when you don't want to go to a meeting or conference or evint. you have a diplomatic illness and this is wob - on one to beat the ban. it was revealed in a way that was not transparent and i think there is an obligation here especially if secretary clinton decides to run for president. she may be testifying this week, but she will not escape it forever. >> i don't think she indicated that she will not testify ever it has been reported that she
7:45 pm
had the flu and a woman who lived in an airplane for four years reported that she was dehydrated and if you fall and get a conclusion that is it a brain injury. but she did say that she is going to make available the entire copy of the investigations done and completed ambassador pickering and admiral mullen and she department have to turn over the entire summary and that is it a positive step forward. it is it time that the american people fiped out. i don't like that it is done closed doors on wednesday . there is some aspects that are classified and some are not. i can understand why there is two hearings. i tell you the secretary stayed out the public lime light. i think she was waiting for the report so she could find
7:46 pm
out what it said. and nothing more embarrassing than to say something and then have it contradicted and have to change the story. she had a chance to read the report and write her testimony at her leisure and i think that is not transparent, either. >> two questions. did she choose ambassador pickering and admiral mulen and that is the first question. are they good aggressive investigators? >> if she picked two that were light weights, i would be sus. but she pick two good ones. >> under secretary for management patrick kennedy picked them. i would like to so the report before judging the personalityings. two events secretary clinton manage tod avoid being in public.
7:47 pm
two critical points she was unavailable. first, the famous sunday talk shows in five days after the attack. and ambassador rice wrote in the washington post last week, that secretary clinton was unavailable because she had a grueling week. and the loss of her four colleagues would be grueling. but presidents can have grueling weeks. president roose vet appeared on a member of congress and he had a grueling day. and it departmentin ibcapacitate him and now senator clinton can't testify this week. two points don't make a pattern but make a line. >> i don't understand why the republicans haven't put feet to the fire and issued
7:48 pm
subpeonas for everyone. and i wish they would put the feet to the fire and i would have subpeoned erch. that is just me. >> sounds good to me. >> straight ahead, an american marine chained to a bed arrested for carrying a registered gun. his parents showed the photoof him chained to the bed, on the record, next. >>. >> this december, remember --
7:49 pm
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>> greta: a fompl former u.s. marine is chained to a bed arrested for bringing a gun into the country that is probably legal. the marine's parents have been working to free their son. tonight, john and lidar here to go on the record. good evening. >> good evening. >> hi, how are you? >> very well. i saw this picture of your son chained to his bed. is there any doubt in your mind it's authentic? >> no. >> no. >> and call the government helping you? >> our lawmakers are lobbying for help. i don't know they can make it happen. i think administration is
7:53 pm
going to have to get involved if goitsing to change the situation. >> i am appalled they could have. look and look at what libya did. and out of a scottish jail to bring him back and anything like that. and the government all the time are real -- wheeling and dealing. we've given $1.9 billion to mexico so our government can do something if they want to. >> and with the new administration in mexico you'd think that it would just be a matter of a conversation. >> greta: what did they say? is anyone from the state department contacted you? >> you know, we've had letter frtz state department, just saying that they're constantly
7:54 pm
in touch with the consulate to ensure his personal safety to ensure he's getting food. for a while he wasn't getting food. they're checking on him to be sure he's getting fed. to talk to him, you know? find out if there had been harassing things going on. that kind of thing. but they will not help you in any way in your legal case. >> greta: i just find that, i mean, it's so -- wrong. i mean, our state department can help you. they can do that. governments do do that. i mean, i don't know wla to say to you. are you outraged you're not getting help from the state department? >> we're frustrated. you know? we know that behind the scenes our attorney is talking to the mexican attorney general, and we know that congress woman laigt onhas been in touch with mexican officials. we're very frustrated yes.
7:55 pm
>> greta: that is fine, they're talking but they're not getting anywhere. time is up. your son has been there since august. there is some discussion whether they measured the barrel wrong on the gun, whether or not it's illegal. but i -- governments can do this. we've got a lot of influence in mexico. i hope the state department helps you, sir. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> greta: coming up rrx seven adults and 20 children bunned down. the president's tribute to the children, that is next. new prilosec otc wildberry
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>> greta: last night the president remembered victims one by one in front of the newtown auditorium filled with parents can children. tonight remembering young children cruelly gunned down in friday's school tragedy. >> charlotte, daniel, olivia, josephine, ana, dylan, mad lynn, kajerin, chase, jesse, james, grace, emily, jack
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